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helmet logo a la Ralf and JPM . . .

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Hi all -

The roundel on the helmet is actually a wheel center decal (which is nice because it is already contoured to the curve of the helmet). I went with the small one (there is also a larger one that is almost the size of the hood Roundel) for about $3. Part Number 36-13-1-181-082. :)


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Looking good Scott! :D Btw, let me get back to you about the decals when I return.

Btw, when is your first autoX/track session? :D
You know, I just checked the specs on that helmet and it's snell 2000, which is what's required for BMWCCA Schools...
It's ture . . .

that it's a Snell rated helmet, but it's an M rated helmet (M2000) and the BMW CCA TRACK events require a Snell SA rated helmet (currently SA95 or SA2000). :( M's are okay for AutoX.

Hey Vince - I go on vacation starting this weekend, so I'll resume the helmet name sticker research when I return.

First action - I'm looking at the schedule and see an AutoX at Irwindale Speedway on Sept. 12th. :)
How many miles do you have on your car now Scott? Have you finally broken it in? :thumbup:

Woo Hoo !

Finally hit 1200 miles during the HACK project. I already have the 1200 mile service scheduled with Sterling BMW when I get back from vacation. I get a 325 as a loaner car. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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