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Help! -- 1995 540i starts but dies in 3 or 4 seconds

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, what a great thing! Can anyone help with this -- my car ran fine, then sat for only 3 days; starts with a little hesitation, then runs for a few seconds, then dies. Adding gas seems to make it die faster. Reaches high idle, 800 to 1000, then dies. No obvious disconnections from vacuum lines. Is the fuel pressure regulator kaput?

Here is a video!:

Many thanks to all here!
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Only 2 things stop a car from running, fuel or fire.
Since the engine starts up OK initially each time the ignition seems OK, it is most probably a fuel issue.
Check your Fuel Pump Fuse, Relay, Filter & Pump in that order.
Check and/or change your CPS or crankshaft position sensor.
Does sound like its not getting any fuel, shouldnt take you long to find that.:)
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