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Hello Friends,

I opened my top - but after about 4-5 inches there was an ugly noise (grinding, then tearing) and then the movement stopped while I could still hear the (top) motor running.

Now my top is stuck open that way and I cannot even drive the car because the wind would do further damage to the top mechanism.

I tried disengaging the top by pulling the lever under the back seat, but the top will not move at all. I tried using the little manual crank but that didn't help either.

I saw a video on youtube showing a guy moving his E36 top back and forth effortlessly. He has a semi-automatic and I have the fully automatic version. Both should be very similar but my top is just stuck.

Does anybody know how I can either close the top or at least put it all the way down so I can drive the car?

Do you know of any detailed manual that would show how to service the top of an E36?


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