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HELP! 2012 528i Drivetrain Malfunction Engine Blown

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Has anyone had this awful experience? I was driving along as usual when out of the blue I got a "Drivetrain Malfunction" error. Then something about low oil pressure and operation of the vehicle is not possible. The car went into limp mode. I had to have it towed to the nearest BMW repair shop. After draining the oil the guys found pieces of the engine in the oil and said they wouldn't spend time fixing it. The engine was blown and needed to be rebuilt. It only has 66,000 miles on it. The last time it was at BMW was for the turbo fix that was covered under warranty a few months ago. I've had my car serviced regularly by BMW and have never had any problems until this. I did see someone else on some other forum with the same problem. I've called the dealer but have not heard back. I'm going to have it towed and dropped off at the dealer to see if they'll help me out with this. Any other suggestions? Experiences?:cry:
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Trash... just found out I missed 7 year/ 70K Warranty by 1 Day!!! BMW Service Center is telling me... Bullchit. Definitely jumping on the class action law suits. In service date 12/22/12 brought it in 12/23/12... car actually die on the 12/21 at 6pm on a Saturday. BMW Service Center is close at that time and on Sunday (12/22) so I couldn't bring it in until the 12/23... What is very strange is car die out the blue on the last day and hours of the warranty... very very strange. Merry Christmas to me... super pissed off.. they are trying to offer me a 50% discount on the Timing Chain, Timing check and Compression/leak test as option 1 at $4400, if that doesn't work then a new engine at $12,000.... FU BMW.... I rather get a used engine or scraped the car.
Over one day? That is crazy. I would have left it in the service bay, at least camera could of showed leaving it.
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