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Hello Sub, I've been lurking for the last two months trying to fix the issues of the '99 528i Touring I recently purchased. I've come across something that I would like help with. I purchased the car with no sound coming from any of the speakers. Once I got the car home, I checked all the fuses, and they were good. Went into the stock amp and opened it up only to see it had corroded on the inside. This explains the no sound part, I decided that replacing the sound system was worth the price compared to the price of a new stock amp from BMW. I did not want to get a used one, as it was the same price of Alpine amp, and it would eventually fail. I have the 10 speaker HiFi + Nokia Subwoofer in the rear right compartment above the battery (non-DSP, no DSP button on the stock MID). Presently I'm getting no sound from the front passenger door (no sound from the Woofer, Mid Range, or Tweeter) after installing the amp and head unit

What I've done this far:

I installed an aftermarket Head Unit, SONY DSX-a405BT, and two Alpine amps (MRV-f300 and m500). I removed the stock Nokia Sub in preparation of a JL Audio 10 inch subwoofer. I also ran 6 RCAs from the drive side, underneath the the steering wheel, along the drive side sill/trim into the rear left compartment that housed the stock amp. I plan on upgrading the Head Unit to a 6 inch Sony Touch Screen so I can also get the Video feed from the rear view camera once I install it. Two RCAs will provide the signal for the subwoofer Amp.

Before finalizing all the speaker connections, I decided to test each individual speaker for functionality. I took one of the crossovers that came with the Pioneers Components I'm going to install eventually, wired it to Channel 1 coming from the Alpine Amp and connected each speaker wire to each the (+) and (-) wires (connected the woofers to woofer output and tweeters to tweeter outputs).

I got sound from:

Front Left Woofer - Yellow/Brown(+) Yellow/Red(-)
Front Left Tweeter - Yellow/Greeen(+) Yellow/Brown(-)
Rear Left Woofer - Yellow/Purple(+) Yellow/Gray(-)
Rear Right Woofer - Blue/Purple(+) Blue/Gray(-)

No Sound from:

Front Right Woofer - Blue/Brown(+) Blue/Red(-)
Front Right Tweeter - Blue/Green(+) Blue/Brown(-)
Rear Left Tweeter - Yellow/Black(+) Yellow/Gray(-)
Rear Right Tweeter - Blue/Black(+) Blue/Gray(-)

Did not Test Mids, as I was not going to use them.

It turns out the signals for the Rear Left Tweeter and Rear Right Tweeter jumper at the 12 pin connector on the Nokia Sub inside the rear right compartment, the Sub takes its signal from the tweeter and then sends it to the rear doors.

wired those connections and started getting signal from the Rear Left Tweeter and Rear Right Tweeter,

which now leaves:

Front Right Woofer
Front Right Tweeter

I've swapped polarity just to make sure I didn't make a mistake, I also checked to make sure I was getting Voltage from the Channel Output from the Crossover (getting voltage). I'm thinking its a similar issue to the rear door tweeters. Does anyone have any idea what it may be? I really don't want to run new speaker wires from the rear to the front as I already used all the available space for the RCAs and It was a pain in the ass just running those.
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