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I pulled in for fuel, AC was on and working fine. Gassed up, pulled away, AC blowing hot.

Here is what I checked so far:

1. I pulled and checked all assigned fuses - all good.
2. I placed a test light on 100% of all the other fuses as who knows with these plastic beasts - All good
3. Placed a gauge on the low side - Pressure was on the lower end of the green zone (38lbs). I topped up to 50.
4. Checked data stream - Before the top-up, the AC compressor was showing only as OFF regardless of what climate changes I toggled. After the top-up now I can see the AC compressor showing as on. Data stream also shows 2millibars which as I understand it is what it should be and/or anything less and the AC shuts off.
5. Checked with my BMW scanner for any other codes related to climate - No codes.

Are there any relays or sensors that are left to check? If not, could my compressor be dead regardless of the data stream readings? It stopped working in the span of 3 minutes so my mind goes to a power to the compressor issue possibly being governed by a sensor.

I'm at a loss and welcome all comments.

Thanks !
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