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Hello Gents

My '07 650i keeps setting off the alarm on its own throughout the day. It usually goes off 2-5 minutes after I park and arm it. I just replaced the hood sensor hoping for a quick fix although it just went off again. I don't have any warning coming from idrive. As of now I am using the alarm with the motion sensors disabled. Has anybody had this issue before? :dunno:I noticed that to te right of the hood sensor there is another device that has similar hook ups, it the connectors are secure although the actual unit is a bit loose. Any help is appreciated.


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Hi! did you put a brand new BMW hood switch when you replaced it? You are correct in that this is the first line of attack and generally fixes the issue!! But you need to ensure it was a BMW replacement as I have known a couple of people buy aftermarket switches which failed!
What you could do is open the bonnet and check the switch by taping it down to ensure it actuates. If the alarm sounds of then you know it is not necessarily the switch. If you then isolate the internal sensors and the alarm does not go off then it would suggest one of the motion sensors>>>>>>
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