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Help - E30

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While attempting to get rid of my belt squeals, the mechanic discovered that the tensioner bolt was stripped out and missing. Problem is I have no idea where to get this bolt. BMW dealership wants me to pay 800.00 to get the entire tensioner assembly vs. just get the bolt. Any idea where I can get this bolt? Tried all kinds of part places online and nothing so far. Mechanic suggested having it custom made for200-300 dollars. Help!!
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Junkyard if your talking about like a alternator tensioner i'm pretty sure all m20s are interchangeable in that area
Need Tensioner Bolt

I have an M42 engine and I can't find a junk yard down here where I am, which is why I need to figure out what other way to get it. Any online junk yards that you know about?
ifs its stripped, then why didnt he drill it out and throw in a helicoil? then he can match a bolt from the hardware store << online junkyard finder/parts finder check that site helps alot
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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