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HELP! E39 Speedometer not working.

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Hi! Im starting to have a “panic attack,” not really but am definitely worried since my speedometer is not currently working. I have a 2003 530i. I recently had chewed wires on my headlight wiring harness so I bought a new one on eBay and replaced the whole harness from the box under the hood. The only issue is that harness also was the source of all of the wires to/from by ABS/DSC module. Everything is working fine except I have a “BRAKE” and “ABS” light as well as my Speedo and cruise control not working. At this point the only thing I’m worried about is the speedo. I have already looked through a bunch of forms and threads as well as schematics, I’ve also traced all of my speed sensors including the right rear sensor and re-spliced all of the wires. I’m starting to think it is something in between the ABS module and the cluster but I’m unsure what wires that is. Can anyone help? Pics below. Yes I know it’s sloppy, but it’s the only way I could do it with the resources I have.

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Not trying to be disrespectful but.......OMFG WTAF is that mess?! You need to join those wires with solder and dual wall heat shrink the joins to make them waterproof. What you have there is going to be nothing but continuous trouble, as you have already found out.
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