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Help finding M3

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Hi, I have posted on other message boards about this and would just like to broaden my search. I am looking for a 96+ M3 coupe with under 60K miles for less than $24,000, if anybody can help point me in the right direction, give me tips or share a story about how they got their M3 it would definetly be appreciated. If you are selling you can email me at [email protected]. Thanks

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Can you import from Canada? You might find more interesting cars here (options not available in the US?). There was a time when Canadian M3's were euro spec and US cars were less powerful.

There are a couple listed here in Vancouver that are close to your requirements (a '97 with 60k KM for $40K CDN = $25K US and a '99 with 30k KM for $50K CDN = $31K US)...

Vancouver Buy and Sell
How much would it cost to import to the United States? Is there anything else I would have to do to it?

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