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Help. How do I fix a huge scratch?

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I've gotten my first major scratch to my 328. It looks like what happened is that someone put a box or something on thr trunk and then lifted it off. Because I have a very long white scratch that goes from the right side to the left of the trunk now.

Fortunately it's a thin scratch and it doesn't look too deep. The left and outer parts of the scratch are gray in color while the middle part is a bright white in color. (My car is Orient blue, btw). It's definitely eaten through the paint. But it's a clean scratch. There's no noticeable metal shavings or anything like that. It's about as thick as the edge of a piece of paper.

But now I'm not sure what to do to fix it. Do I take it into a body shop? Or a detailer? And if so, what kind of prices should I be expecting? I know detailers can fix little scratches and stuff, but this covers the length of the entire trunk side to side.

I'm not entirely certain who'd be a good shop to handle something like this in the Bay area, either.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. This is just annoying. I don't mind small scratches, but this thing is like a neon sign.

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Take a picture, we may be able to help you judging by the picture in the Detail forum.
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