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to: bm techs or mechanics

i need help with my transmission, there are times that a orange light will turn on and it won't accelerate fast, my mechanic said that i got problems with my transmission that it is stock on 4th gear... but everytime he checks it through his scanner he could turn it off and its back to normal. i was just wondering if my transmission is going bad, how come you could just turn it off with the scanner? don't you think its just a ecu? then, i met this guy who got a 325i a/t, he converted his car to manual by changing the original transmission to an m3 manual transmission, m3 differential and other stuff that goes with it, i drove the and i fell inlove with it... he told me that i could use a 318 manual transmission and i don't have to buy a differential because it matches the tranny.... so, i was thinking if i switch from a/t to m/t, i don't have to worry about it like an automatic tranny. i really wanna know how much do you think it will cost me to do all those stuff... i there's anyone who could help me please call me @1818-3578699.

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