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2000 528i M52TU
I am interested in picking up a battery charger / minder since I will only drive once every few weeks.
What is this battery and is my charger/minder acceptable? Installed 06 2020 previous owner. Thank you.
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battery charger/minder I park outside and live in the snow belt
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  • MotoMaster Simple Series 3A Battery Charger and Maintainer makes battery charging and maintaining simple
  • Fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled 6 step charging process ensures a safe, fast and thorough battery charge
  • Recommended for charging batteries rated 10 to 60 Ah and maintaining batteries rated 10 to 400 Ah
  • Suitable for all 12-volt lead acid battery chemistries including flooded (wet), maintenance-free, AGM and gel cell
  • Built-in safety protections include reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, spark-proof, overheat, overcurrent and overcharge
  • Follow charging progress via simple 25%-50%-75%-100% LED indicators while an Error LED warns if charging has been suspended due to a charging abnormality being detected
  • Energy efficient switch-mode technology makes it compact and lightweight
  • Special low-temp insulation keeps cables flexible even in extreme cold temperatures
  • Convection-cooled for silent operation
  • Includes battery clamps and ring terminal quick connector leads

Eyelet Terminal Connectors, Battery Clamp Connectors
Cord Length (in):

141.73 in
3 A
  • Crank Assist Amperage (a):
    0 A
  • Assembled Height (cm):
    5.16 cm
  • Display Type:
  • Assembled Height (ft):
    0.17 ft
  • Features:
    High Frequency Charge
  • Assembled Height (in):
    2.03 in
  • Input Voltage (V):
    115 V
  • Assembled Length (cm):
    27.18 cm
  • Material:
  • Assembled Length (ft):
    0.89 ft
  • Maximum Temperature (°C):
    40.00 °C
  • Assembled Length (in):
    10.70 in
  • Maximum Temperature (°F):
    104.00 °F
  • Assembled Weight (kg):
    0.18 kg
  • Minimum Temperature (°C):
    -20.00 °C
  • Assembled Weight (lb):
    0.40 lb
  • Minimum Temperature (°F):
    -4.00 °F
  • Assembled Width (cm):
    15.40 cm
  • Output Amperage (amps):
    3 A
  • Assembled Width (in):
    6.06 in
  • Package Depth (cm):
    27.20 cm
  • Assembled Width (mm):
    154.00 mm
  • Package Depth (in):
    10.71 in
  • Battery Voltage Compatibility:
  • Certifications:
    CEC, ETL Listed, FCC Certified
  • Package Height (in):
    2.05 in
  • Charge Control:
    Package Weight (kg):
  • 0.18 kg

  • Charge Time (Hr):
    0 h
  • Package Weight (lb):
    0.40 lb
  • Charging Rate Modes:
    Package Width (cm):

    15.50 cm

  • Colour:
    Package Width (in):

    6.10 in

  • Cord Length (cm):
    360.00 cm
  • Vehicle Type Compatibility:
  • Cord Length (ft):
    11.81 ft

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Napa Legend Import Battery, Group Size 49-6 it looks like to me. Good battery and very expensive.
Yes, your charger will work just fine. If that battery is dead, you need to slow charge it at 2 amps for 24 hours. If you have a larger smart charger I would use that 1st and see how the battery comes back and holds a charge. How long has it been sitting for.

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It has removable caps. Good idea to remove them yearly to examine the electrolyte level. Use a #4 Phillips socket. Be careful not to strip the cap.

Replenish with distilled water.

I assume you have 24 hour power for the charger.

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Is there a way to close the hood so the cord doesn't get in the way?

Will be plugged in 24/7 when there is salt on the road. I was hoping it was sealed without maintenance, oh well. Thanks for the tip.

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I just let mine down on the safety latch. Lots of room.
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