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Help me pick throttle boost system

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Hello all,

I just bought some Hamann pedals for my 2009 bmw 750i f01. Now I am researching different throttle management systems. So far I have seen Sprint and Pedal Box out of Germany makes them. I remember seeing another company in the past but cant remember name. Any thoughts?

I like that pedal box is from Germany. however the control box looks bulky and I like ca lean and streamlined look. I noticed that the sprint throttle system has a small little housing with a lighted button you can hide or even place in the open that wont look like a sore thumb.

Any thoughts???
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It (Pedalbox in my case) actually removes the throttle lag that is rampant with most new BMWs, including the F01. If it weren't for that, I'd have traded the car in after a month (it was that irritating).

Here's a quick write up I did to make the install more stealth:
Been so long I can't remember, tbh. I think once you get the throttle pedal off, it makes sense how to route it (I'm guessing up top to the bottom). I want to say that the side panels slide forward? Once you remove the center console, it makes sense, I think.

There might also be another DIY post that addresses how to remove those panels and center console, if you run a search. It wasn't to do this, but someone else.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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