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Help me pick throttle boost system

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Hello all,

I just bought some Hamann pedals for my 2009 bmw 750i f01. Now I am researching different throttle management systems. So far I have seen Sprint and Pedal Box out of Germany makes them. I remember seeing another company in the past but cant remember name. Any thoughts?

I like that pedal box is from Germany. however the control box looks bulky and I like ca lean and streamlined look. I noticed that the sprint throttle system has a small little housing with a lighted button you can hide or even place in the open that wont look like a sore thumb.

Any thoughts???
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To be honest I'd just leave it as-is. I'm pretty sure those systems do nothing but increase the ramp rate or % throttle per specified pedal movement. So 70% throttle essentially becomes 100%.
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