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I replaced the hose and its running kind of the same way it use to. Now i heard that if I took out the DISA valve it will actually make your car run better....? IDK but thats what a service adviser from BMW told me. I watched a DIY video on how to replace those valves and it showed how the flap inside the valve could be broken and could actually cause a flapping noise or something. Now since I replaced the sap hose IM pretty sure I could clean it up. Would it be a good idea to run some sea foam in it? I seen a video on it but i also heard that there are some cons from sea foam. The end of the valve where it meets the hose looked a little dirty so I figured I might need to clean it. The guy also told me something about a boot hose or boot intake thingy...? idk but if somebody could direct me the right way I can fix this thing myself since I'm a pretty handy guy. Thanks for all your support
It appears that you are way down on the E46 learning curve, so most of this will seem strange to you. Step Number One in any diagnosis is to have the codes scanned, write down the results, and post them here....those are real-world FACTS that we can work off of. Most of what you`re (allegedly) being told is a load of horsesh!t. Stop obsessing over SeaFoam....that crap never cured anything.
"One step at a time" is the way to proceed, rather than your "shotgun approach"....:tsk:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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