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HELP!! Now my key wont go into the ignition/steering wheel wont lock?

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05 645ci diamond key

ignition is communicating with key since the key light on the cluster shows up and chimes when key is close
can lock and unlock doors and open trunk
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Not sure I understand what you are saying? If the key want turn in the ignition, turn the wheel hard until the key turns. I have seen times that my wheel want lock, after having in off the ground. Not sure why it does this?
the key will not slide into the ignition
steering wheel wont lock
Try a small amount of lubricant on the key to see if it can break the tumbler loose, just enough that might help?
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650I is push button start. What exactly is the problem? Owners manual should explain the use of the key.
You probably aren't going to get any BMW specific help, so I'll give it a try. It is my belief that your ignition key works a "pin tumbler lock". If so, an internal part is binding, or a foreign object is in the key-way. You may be in need of an old fashioned locksmith. Alternatively, you could take it apart yourself.

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Do you use a key, or Fob to start the car?
Put a little oil on the key & try and slide it in while turning the wheel. Other than this the key assembly will need to be removed.
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