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Hey guys, I'm just about ready to pull all my hair out. I recently picked up a super clean 2003 540i M-Sport with 89,000 miles (Auto) and it was running a little rough. I replaced the coil packs, spark plugs, crankcase vent, valve cover gaskets, vanos seals, alternator and radiator and all was well until I saw that the car was leaking oil from the transmission area and I traced it to the lower hose connection on the CCV on the back of the motor, the oil is dripping out at about a drop per second, I replaced the CCV because the car was smoking when cold, I removed the intake and there was about 1/3 quart of oil inside the intake manifold and I can't seem to get the bottom of this. I'm thinking that it might be my oil separator that went bad and that's bad news because I need to tear the front of the motor off to get to it... Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Attached is a photo of the crankcase separator, I circled where the connector is that the oil is leaking from.


2001 BMW E39 540i Automatic Sedan, 200 k miles
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No, it is not the oil separator -located at the front of the engine --(assuming you have the V8 M62TU engine on this car-)..

It is the hose that connects to the CCV in your picture above. It is requires a special clip to hold it to that connector.
Check the hose, and make sure you install the clip after connecting it to the CCV.

Or you may have a bad CCV.
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