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Help on bleeding brakes

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Put 330i brakes on my 323ci along with stainless steel brake lines, my pedal is now too soft. do I need to rebleed the system or put on a 330i master cylinder. If I rebleed has anyone used a vacum system, what special steps should I take, or is the use of a pressure bleeder the only way to bleed the lines.
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Re: Bleeding the ABS/DSC module

VT325Xi said:
Myself, personally, I will let the dealer change the fluid with new stuff after two years so that I know it is done properly. Having the peace of mind that my ABS/DSC system is working properly is worth the couple dollars I might save otherwise.
The first brake fluid flush is a covered item under either Scheduled Mainteance (99 models) or Full Maintenance (00, 01 and 02 models) after two years from the production date. If you have the extended four year plan, you can get two brake flushes as well as a coolant flush covered. Remember, services are determined by mileage or from the in service date, flushes are done regardless of mileage and are figured from the production date.

Just for reference, my dealer charges $99 for a brake flush and $59 for a coolant flush. Is it worth it? Maybe... I have never been one to get dirty working on the car for anything more involving than an oil change, but then again I haven't had to pay the dealer for anything on my car besides a couple of off schedule oil changes that cost me about $40 each. If I was paying I might be more willing to learn! :D
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