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I am looking at buying a used BMW because I love:
the way they feel when driven
the stylish look
the idea of "the ultimate driving machine"
But when reading your e mails, I have not scratched the surface of understanding the "passion" of being an owner, nor, do I have a clue as to all the "codewords" you's guys are using. Like... what is this "e" stuff (i.e. e46, e36...).Help?:dunno:
I was looking in the internet to find out about recalls on BMW's and "what was good and what was bad" type information. I probably could not have ran into a better group of people:angel:. IF you could be so kind to pointing me in the right direction... I ran into a '92 325i (?) - 110,000 miles - great body - immac interior - engine was clean - asking $7,500(US). Now, I thought to myself, that's not that bad, for a BIMMER- but then again, is it?
Nobody is talking about a '92 BIMMER.
PEOPLE! Should I just wait 'till I can afford a new one, OR is this '92 a good place to start with "fun 'possible' possibilities?"
What precautions could I take to ensuring a great (safe) purchase?
How long will this car last?
Repair costs?
I noticed that there weren't many recalls on these cars- that was nice to see.
I seek you's gals and guys' wisdom...
no? :thumbdwn:
maybe so?:dunno:
help:cry: no, help!!:bawling:
Seriously:eeps:I enjoyed reading your e-mails, they were very informative- thanks! I'm confident that your input will be helpful. and hope to share your passion of being a BIMMER owner as well. ;)
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