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Help, please - Odd Static \ Noise 2012 BMW 335iS

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[ Edit - 2011 335iS - not 2012 - oops. ]
I had something very odd happen after my jog at the park on Saturday. As I walked up to my car, I heard a strange noise coming from inside. As I opened the door, I heard it much more distinctly ***8211; a loud noise, like static. I turned on the car. No change. Turned the audio system off and on ***8211; no change. Turned the car off. No change.

The noise appeared to be coming [ primarily ] from the rear audio speakers. I could hear the radio, in the midst of the static noise. The volume of the static did not vary with engine speed, road speed, or radio volume.

Concerned that whatever was causing the noise must be drawing power, I drove directly to my local BMW dealer ***8211; afraid that if I just drove home, and the noise continued after I turned off the car, it would run down the car***8217;s battery.

Of course, by the time I could have the shop manager come out to my car, it had stopped ***8211; as mysteriously as it started.

He had no good explanation. Just bring it back if it happens again. [ sigh ] Nothing since then. [ fingers crossed ]

Anyone here experience anything like this?
- Ray
Otherwise ***8211; no issues in 12,000+ miles . . .
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Thanks for the info.
If it happens again, I will take it immediately
to the dealer, and not shut it off...
- Ray
Hoping this does not happen again - it was an obnoxious noise ....

We had the exact same thing happen on my wife's 2011 328xi wagon. I would call it more of a loud humming. We took it in to the dealer (and of course the sound wouldn't replicate while we were there) but they agreed that we needed a new radio. They ordered one and have since installed it.
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