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Help Resetting Brake Service Message

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I recently purchased a 2017 F86 and added brake fluid, but I still have a message which states Brake Fluid Service is needed. Can someone tell me how to reset the message without going to a dealer and paying an arm and a leg for a brake flush service? I will admit that I do have some brake squeals when stopping at low speeds. Any suggestions?
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The Brake fluid service is one of your CBS (condition based services) and does not mean that you need to add brake fluid. A low brake fluid warning is something totally different,

There should be a maintenance booklet in your owners manual binder that may give you more info so that you understand your CBS services versus your check control warnings. There’s also an owners manual built into iDrive which is vehicle specific (only discusses the options features your BMW has vs the paperback version which is universal and covers everything…even stuff not optioned on the car.

You need to have a brake fluid service (change your brake fluid…not add fluid) before resetting the reminder.

Instructions to reset CBS intervals using the instrument cluster:

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