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bluetree211 said:
needs new transmission fluid?
New transmission fluid may help, but I'm suspicious that the problem crept up over such a short period of time.

Try replacing the "lifetime" tranny fluid with two bottles of Royal Purple Synchromax. You'll need just slightly less than two bottles. Use a 17mm 6-point socket and a long breaker bar to get the drain and fill plugs off. (Not in that order, of course!) And you'll need a small fluid transfer pump such as the kind you can pick up at Pep Boys or NAPA for $6. Fill the tranny until fluid overflows and starts to run down the side of the case.

While you're under the car, inspect the linkage between the bottom of your shift lever and the top of the tranny.

Hopefully, the new fluid will cure what ails your car. If not, then you may have some clutch issues cropping up. Keep your fingers crossed!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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