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I am looking to get my car tinted in the next couple of weeks. I thought I had decided to go with the formula one pinnacle tint but after talking to the installers they recommended using the comfort series because of the color of my car (black sapphire)(pinnacle has a bronze look and would not look nearly as good). The reason why I originally chose the pinnacle was because I have navigation and the pinnacle series should not interfere with this. However, when I asked the installer, he said that the comfort series would not be a problem either (can't guarantee-but was told by somebody at formula one that it should be fine). The installer said he had no problems installing the comfort series on his 3-series that did have nav (2001 - not sure if was an aftermarket nav or not). He is actually recommending a tint that is actually $150 cheaper, so I don't think he is just blowing smoke :dunno: . I have also considered huper optik, but don't know much about is and which tint would look best, the local huper dealer was not very helpful.
So my questions?
1. Do you think I should go ahead with the comfort series? Does anybody have the comfort series with nav, if so, any problems?
2. How does the pinnacle look on a black car?
3. Does anybody think I should go for Huper optik? ceramic tint like the pinnacle, I believe?
Any suggestions would be great or experiences with tinting and navigation/radio frequency interference...
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