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HELP: What Fuse to pull to disable seat belt assist arm? *with pictures*

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I'm looking for assistance to see what fuse i need to pull to disable the seat belt arm.. my driver side is broken and it's not grabbing my belt so mind as well disable this thing all together.

I followed this DIY

upon opening my fuse box I discovered I don't have a fuse diagram and that my fuse box is slighty different than the DIY site (this is a Canadian car if it makes a difference). But I went ahead and took out fuse '25' (see attached picture, I circled the fuse in black. This is the actual picture of my fuse box). When I start my car, the extender arm is still working.. am I doing something wrong and took out the incorrect fuse? Since I dont have a diagram of my fuse box in there, I'm hoping the BMW gurus can assist and let me know which one I need to pull to disable my seat belt arm ONLY.



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For anyone with the same layout as my fuse box.. i manage to disable the seat belt assist arm by disabling FUSE 30 (highlighted in red).


They can also be disabled through coding.
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