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Help! Wiring harness connector locations??

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So I took apart my intake manifold a few weeks ago and labelled the sensors/harness connectors with tape, matching the labels to the corresponding cable on the wiring harness. Well over the weeks it's been rather humid, my garage isn't temperature controlled and I guess with all the humidity the stickers fell off (all of them). Now I have no idea where the harness connectors are going.

Though most of the connectors have unique inputs that only one sensor can take, several are the same (2 prong), particularly the camshaft and crankshaft sensors. Does anyone have a detailed diagram, pictures or otherwise any idea how to determine the correct matches? I noticed code imprinted on the plastic for the connectors but nothing I can really make sense of.

Thanks in advance.
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service manual.. wiring schematic..

I found the wiring harness diagram here but the configuration is not quite the same as mine. For one, the camshaft and crankshaft sensor female inputs are above the knock sensor inputs on my harness, contrary to how the diagram shows. I've compared the images to my actual set up and there really are many differences. Now I know I have the M42 harness and this is the M42 diagram, not sure why there's a discrepancy. If I didn't already know the correct inputs for the camshaft/crankshaft, it wouldn't help me.
Bingo, problem solved, for some unknown reason my 318i M42 has an M43 wiring harness. Found the diagram here. I guess if you're looking up the diagram on your M42 or M44, and it's not matching the set up, you may have the M43 harness. Disaster averted. :thumbup:
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