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Hey Mate,
Where did you get the above from - my originals were similar coloured (left), then when I replaced them they were multicoloured (right) - note this is for ZF6HP26. I'd suggest getting the Zip rebuild kit while you're there too, as the valves are likely getting worn depending on the mileage on your car. You don't want to do this job again lol -
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Are your solenoids labelled at all? The colour shouldn't really matter to be honest, just as long as they're the correct replacement part. If they are labelled, see if you can carefully match it to the enclosed PDF below - I ordered mine from The CTSC which were fantastic to deal with - the solenoids should be labelled to some extent. Also refer to the info here Mechatronics DIY (Transmission valve body) which is what I used when I did my valve body rebuild + solenoids and seals.


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