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Help with an M3 Order

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I need help from my fellow M3 afficianados. I have an M3 on order and am trying to finalize my specs. I want the leather interior but I don't want the premium package. Is this possible? Some literature lists leather as an $1100 option, but other sources indicate leather is only avalable as part of the premium package. Any info is greatly appreciated. If possible, what is the order code?
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I don't know what the order code is, but leather is available by itself.
One thing I've been wondering lately. My parents both have 325s (a ci cabrio and a sedan). One has the nice leather padded arm rests and the other does not. I think they both have the premium package, and I know the ci is the only one with the sports package; it is the one with the padded rests. My M3 also has the padded arm rests. What determines whether or not you get these?
Re: Re: Help with an M3 Order

Imola Ed said:

I don't know man, those rain-sensing wipers are pretty damn cool. Didn't know just how cool until I got them.
The auto headlights are incredibly worthless, but the rain sensing windshield wipers finally fill my insane desire to only have the windshield wiped when absolutely necessary.
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