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help with clutch assembly diagram?

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as usual, I'm at work for the night (Trauma Surgery Chief) and I forgot my Bentley Manual at home. The new clutch issue is driving me nuts of course!

If anybody has access to Bentley or equivalent Clutch Pedal Assembly schematics, I would greatly appreciate a post so I can take a look at them!

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Better leave the Bentley manual alone.
Wouldn't want you to inadvertently implant a clutch into a patient's chest. :angel:

That would be a hard defense!
What's wrong w/ the clutch? CDV type issues?
I posted earlier Rob on the new notch that I feel when depressing the clutch approximately half way down. I'm gonna have them take a look at it tomorrow, but I'd like to identify the components involved prior to them telling me everything is okay.

I think it feels like either the clutch pedal spring or possibly bushings. ?Clutch delay valve.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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