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Dear All,

I need your expert advice in decision making. I have been looking for a second car. I always wanted to own an BMW but stayed away from the brand because of initial and maintenance cost.

I checked out a Z4 earlier but it didn't workout as the mechanic told me that car need a lot of work. I shared the horror story in another thread.

Yesterday I checked a car with the following specs

BMW 320i Hardtop Convertible
110000 KMS (65,000 Miles)

The car is under maintenance contract till March 2018 or 150,000 KMS (93,000 Miles). Since it is under the maintenance, all the services were done on time from agency.

Here are my queries and concerns regarding the car
  • I took the car for a test drive and felt that it is kind of slow. I currently drive a 2013 2.4 Honda Accord and I am comparing it with the Accord only. As per the specs both Accord and 320i should do 0-100 (km/h) in 9.8 seconds.

I took the test drive with top down. Can that be a reason or is it the age and state of the car. My accord feels smoother as well. Again, will driving it with top closed will make a difference? The Z4 I checked earlier felt fun to drive as compared to my accord which is understandable as it makes almost 100 BHP more than accord. But 320i and Accord are of almost same specs.

  • What is the lifespan of hard top
This is my biggest concern. Owner bought the top down 2 times, there were no squeals or jerks but since they are so many parts in the top alone, there will be lifespan attached to it.

  • I am based in Dubai and it gets really hot in here. Is it advisable to buy a convertible from insulation point of view

  • Asking price of the car is around 11,500 USD. Is it fair price for the car? I guess cars in North America are cheaper than Dubai

I wanted to buy a car with following specs
6 Cylinder
Dark Brown or Red Interiors
If Possible Convertible
Faster than my Accord so I feel an upgrade. BTW I will still keep the Accord
Budget 12,000 USD

I am not able to find the car with above mentioned specs and budget. The ones I come across are either with no service history, 3-4 previous owners or seller looks fishy and behaves like a thug :rofl:

In this case seller is a very well educated and is working as a senior VP in one of the leading international banks.

Please help me in taking a call as my wife and friends have simply refused to listen to my rants anymore.


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Hi Z4.

The 320i (not sold here in the US) is the lowest horsepower of the E90 series. It is the only model of the E90 series with a 4 cyl engine. And the one you're looking at has the added weight (almost 200 kg) of the hard top convertible, so it's going to be the slowest of the E90 series BMWs. The 2006 and up 325i, 328i and 330i all have the non-turbocharged N52 6 cylinder engine with considerably more power.

If you want serious power and performance you should look for a 335i, which has the N54 or N55 (depending on year) turbocharged 6 cylinder engine with over 300 hp. If you care about lower maintenance and repair costs then the non-turbo models (320i, 325i, 330i and 328i) are going to cost you less over the long haul.

All of these cars can be expensive to maintain and repair compared to your Honda, but all, including the non-turbo models, will provide driving dynamics far superior to your Accord.

But if you want to leave the Accord in the dust you need to find a 335i. The difference in acceleration between it and the 320i is eye widening.:yikes:
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