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Hi everyone, hope your cars are running great. :thumbup:

I need some help figuring out whats going on with my 740 E66, long story short, had a rough running and intermittent misfire issue, changed plugs, coils, pcv, pcv hoses, VVT module, new Valvetronic motors, gaskets all over the place, then finally went back again to check for vacuum leaks and found that the throttle butterfly valve gasket was actually torn and leaking.

Changed that and the car ran smooth at idle and in the cruise, after a few days of smooth running I noticed a general roughness, right throughout the car, power delivery isnt as smooth as it used to be.

Decided to pull some live data and the values seem to confuse me. From what little I know, I thought the ideal rough values with a warm car should be

Maf at idle : 13.5kg/h

Addative O2 adaptations for either bank close to the 1 mark or 0%

Not sure what ideal injection times of a good running car should be, but if one of you have a perfect running car that can share this information it'll be perfect for us with broken ones to narrow the problem. We will be forever thankful :)

as per my live data theses are my idle values with ac on.

Idle: 754 RPM
Throttle opening: 3%
Air Mass Flow: 25.8 kg/h
Duration of Injection 3.46ms
Load Signal 12.8%
Diff.Pressure Intake Manifold: 344.9 mbar
(Bank 1) ADD Lambda Adaptation: -1.60
(Bank 2) ADD Lambda Adaption: -1.78
Multi Lambda Adaptation: 0.98
Ambient Temp 19C

So from my understanding, i seems like the MAF is heavily over reading at idle,( multi adaption seems normal) causing my O2 adaptations to be extremely lean ( negative adaptions ) . which means a bad MAF, or fuel delivery problem, Is this normal for an N62? Or what could be the problem :cry:

Thanks again

Solid Jude
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