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Help with seat occupancy sensor & bypass

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After having my error code checked, found out the passenger side occupancy sensor is bad, and thought I would try this work around.

Last night I collected all the parts necessary from Radio Shack to complete this, only to realize I have no idea how to put it together...The website only gives a schematic, which I'm sure most people understand, except me. So I'm basically wondering if someone can provide me with a little more information or a link on what wires/resistors/diodes to connect, twist, solder, cut, etc...

Any help is much appreciated!


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Have you looked under your seat and found the interface module shown in the first picture in the 5th row of photos? You need to find it, and check the connections on both ends before you do anything else. There is a set of wires that come from the cable way in the floor that goes to one end. The other end has a connector and the cable that goes to it goes up into the seat to the occupancy sensor.
Even if the connectors are in place, you need to try disconnecting and reconnecting them to clean the contacts. Then you need to have the SRS codes reset to see if that fixed the problem.
Sometimes just a dirty connection will trigger the SRS fault.
What ever you do you will still have to have the SRS system reset in order to clear the faults from memory.
Well, I took the seat out, and added just the diode, no perf board and no resistors, as this seemed to be the easiest (yet most temporary) solution...I also reconnected the tensioner clip because that came back with a fault as well. I will report back after getting the codes reset, and hopefully will be srs light free!
i'm bumping this such that i get subscribed. i'm about to do this so i am curious to see if this worked.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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