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Help with Type 44 Wheel Install

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I've bought some Type 44 wheels a while back and thought I'd have them installed on my 330xi. I have a few questions though. I've heard much about offset. Firstly, what is offset, and do I have to worry about it during the install? Secondly, if it is a concern, is this something I should have my dealer do or something that my local tire store can do? Any suggestions appreciated.



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Just remember when installing wheels (particularly all four), that you make sure the wheels are set properly on their mounts. And when you torque, make sure you torque them in a cross star pattern.

I mounted my wheels on, and had a horrible balancing problem with them until I untorqued and retorqued the wheels.

A proper torque wrench is really useful.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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