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hello, 2 weeks ago i purchased a 2010 550i from a broker. the car is cpo but was in Los Angeles which is over 500 miles away. so we had the car shipped in a covered car carrier

The car arrives with a deep scratch in the rear bumper and the broker says he will contact the dealer to see what happened. i continue to call the broker and they say the dealer will not call them back. so i take the car to my local bmw dealer and they quote $800 to fix.

I take the quote the the broker and he has still not gotten a call back so i call myself. it took me 3 days and over 20 calls to reach the sales manager. they say they are sorry and will give me $150 towards the bill. wtf! they told me that the car never should have left the lot that way and they are sorry!

To make matters worse the front bumper on the passenger side fell off tonight for no reason. it was obvious that there was a problem in the past and the CPO should have fixed it.

Is there anything I can do? or am i screwed?
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Did the car come from a BMW dealership? How do you know it left the dealership with the scratch? It might have been the carrier that did it. The fact that the dealer is ignoring your calls mean he's not taking you seriously since you're so far away. The bumper falling off is crazy, take it to your local dealer and see what they say about it, since it might still be under the original warranty.
The car carrier marked it down when he picked the car up. When i spoke to the slaes manager he admitted it was there and it should have been taken care of it before they picked it up.
The front bumper didnt just fall off. all the plastic rings are broken and the bumper was shoved back in. i cant believe this
You might have to take it up beyond the dealership, I don't know if there are regional offices but if there are you should definitely call them or just the coporate office.
you might want to contact BMWNA about the scratch. let them know it left the dealer that way.

as far as the bumper goes. i have ripped mine off on the passenger side twice by pulling to far forward on one of those concrete parking curbs. when i backed out it just pulled it off. i took it to the dealer and they reattached it both times and havent had any problems. it could be something that simple.
So much for buying a car sight unseen.
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