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Okay the 94 325i I just scored for 8$ is ideling ruff....
What I knoe...
Needs tune up something bad..
Need to clean MAF
Possibly need c02 sensor
Stomp test just threw 1215 just googled and come with MAF....

The ?...
Under the airbox there are 2 lines that p/o must have tried to plug with pencils...
Due to little research one supposidly spits coolant to the intake through the airbox...
These 2 lines to me look like they goto a sensor like thing in the bottom of the airbox... Problem is there is no sensor just a hole with a bolt in hole.. Were can I find this part... I also heard I can by pass these two lines and which case I would like to do..
Due to the fact I want a CAI
THANX in advance :eek:
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Okay so I guess I had everything right since there is no help any one have an opinion on the line delete
The small coolant lines are for the MAF - they're to prevent it from freezing/frosting in cold weather, and they have nothing to do with the airbox (or CAI).
These lines run to the air box they are hard lines there looks to be no way they could go to the MAF from what I understand they supposed to run into a thermostat looking sensor in the bottom back of the box.....
Thank u

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If you look at the airbox the whole is on the bottom right...
Im going to see if I can upload a pic of the part I think goes in there...
Thank you guys so much
Much appreciated

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Check out that duct tape! but i haven't seen those hard lines before well atleast on on anything in Aus
not my duct tape lol...
i plan on getting a whole new intake system
Weird - mine does not have those lines either. They don't look like OEM hoses to me.
well i must figure it out.....
so i guess ill buy that part and try it out...
That is the right part. It is a heating element for the air box. It was used up to 1995. In 1996 the lines were sent to a heated throttle body.
Thanx buddy

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Ah, that would explain why it doesn't look familiar to me, since my car is a '98.
Mines 94

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My bad u said urs was 98

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