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Native NY'er... Currently livin' overseas in Paris, France on an E~X~T~E~N~D~E~D works assignment.:mad: I don't read or write French nor do I speak it enough to carry on a full conversation... just enough to get by basically.

I just took delivery of my 2nd (since I've been here) BMW 1 class. (first car was the 120d 5 door) I just received (2 days ago) the 123d Coupe from my company as a lease they pay for. (not complaining, but I do wish it was a little higher up in the pecking order... but nice car none the less & I'm happy with it for the most part...) I say the most part because I'm having problems with my MP3 hook up... & what brings me here!

Probably not the right forum for this but I will post my "issue" here in hopes of getting a "hit" on a solution. (if nothing I will find the right forum & repost the same garble)

I have the "Creative Labs, Nomad, Jukebox" 40gig (probably 3-4 years old) that the AUX USB won't recognize. I "may have" screwed up in that, the car was delivered with a cable that my (french) manual states: YOU MUST UTILIZE THIS CABLE WHEN CONNECTING YOUR DEVICE FOR THE FIRST TIME! However, I, like most guys, "Know it all" & stupidly just connected my mp3 directly into the USB jack (using the mp3 supplied cable), I hooked up the power & the "audio cable". (headphone jack on mp3 to the same jack in console) Used controller and scrolled to the 2 choices of the "AUX" feature. ONLY the AUX was "lit" (meaning it was a clickable option) the AUX USB feature was NOT. Well I went ahead & pushed under the AUX & the tunes played but no transferring of the mp3 menus (Song, Album, Artist, Title... ) I played with it for a while trying to get it to recognize, before cracking open the manual & seeing the DANGER SIGN EXCLAIMATION POINT highlighted icon stating the above (must utilize this cable when connected for 1st time)

Now for the last 2.5 days I'm trying to find out what the deal is. I had a co worker call BMW france & ask about this & was told that "Creative" will not work in the BMW only AFTER trying to convince this banana head tech that I DON'T HAVE an Apple/ I-pod... and I don't need the "special" i-pod cable you keep keep talking about!!! All's I was trying to find out is did I ruin the "First Time Upload" because I didn't use the BMW supplied cable. He finally just decided "Creative won't work" ...IDIOT!!!!

OK... QUESTION ALL: Is this cable like a dongle or interface cable that BMW supplies??) IS it NECESSARY? did I screw myself somehow? I absolutely can not get the USB AUX feature to light up when my Creative mp3 is plugged in. I was (as a test) able to get a USB key with 6 songs loaded on it (in mp3 format) to recognize & work, when plugging into the BMW supplied cable then into the car. Bang everything worked great... Menus loaded up on the GPS screen... I was able to toggle between tunes... play them (though the volume sucked!!!) but at least I got the USB AUX to light up (recognize a "device"/player)...

So now after ALL that I explained above...does anybody else know if Creative Labs MP3 players (older versions even) don't work in the new BMW's???? (Creative has issues with windows Vista !!! It doesn't work!!!!!!! ) How about the deal with using the BMW supplied cable between the mp3 & car??? Did I ruin the "first time recognition or up-load" feature?? do you guys back in the States get this same cable when you take delivery of the car??


(Man how's that for a first time post...:eek: )

Thanks All
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