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I'm Garrett, moving to Germany in May, and purchasing a 06/07 E90/91 while there. Wanting a diesel with 6 speed. I've owned 4 Infinitis, but have always lusted over the Bimmers, just the dealers here won't play ball. The "thats the price, pay it or GTFO" still doesn't sit well with me. :-/

Anyways, I've got tens of thousands of posts across a whole spectrum of topics, from to Top-Law-Schools. So yeah. Thats me.


I posted a thread in a heavily trafficked forum here at BF, and an hour later not a single view. What gives? New member's first post cannot be the creation of a new thread or what?

EDIT NVM, apparently, it just takes an hour to update.

Anyways, I look forward to getting to know everyone!
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