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Hey guys can someone help me?

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My car is reading codes 2862 and 2863 and won't start no more super sad right now!
Variable valve gear voltage supply power output stage bank 1 and 2. Can anyone help with
any advice my car has 120,000 miles just stop working cranks good but won't start?:bawling:
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Ok guys the dealer has the my 745i and now say it needs a new Dme for $1855
U think that's all it needs or are they doing what they do best guess?
Oh ok now they say it needs a cas module too.... another $1545 on top of the Dme I'm starting to get very angry do u guys think it will stop there or will they need to replace more parts?
Hey guys new members check this out I have a 2007 x3 BMW that would not start, ok change the battery not it, BMW dealership you need a dme, cost $2200 no deal went to someone who's know BMW cars well, lots of test, car won't start still
Here is the deal, go home get the other key to your car, this is it, the keys are interfering with each other making the car think it's being with an shout down the starter. One key start the car but won't lock the door, if the key lock the door it won't start the car. Found don't have both keys in the same place. Come from droping them to much get a new key made at dealership, hope this helps. Check before buying dme. Thank Jlaw.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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