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Hey guys... have some news

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It has been three years and I never thought I would fall in love with a machine, but the fact is I did. The E36 has been a joy and has always put a smile on my face.

However, due to the declining value and expense of up keep Wednesday I said goodbye to my fiery red head and traded her for a Subaru. As a result I now have multiple parts that need to find a new home (which were never installed and need a new home).

First on the list is an OEM fuel pump purchased from Autohaus in the past few months. Again never installed. I will need to take an "inventory" of parts because Im sure there are more. Including Rear Shock Mounts, etc. Hit me up if you are interested in those three parts (two listed but one is a pair). I will be posting a list shortly (and honestly, will probably do a "name your price" as long as its fair). Buyer assumes all shipping costs.

Hope you are all well. And hopefully WV-Jim will see this post as well...

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Sorry to hear you got rid of her :/
What all parts you have?
Ill take the donation of the fuel pump!!
Here it goes as follows, these parts are readily accessible and I know for a fact I have:

Fuel Pump from Autohaus (to fit the 325IS)
6 Standard Copper Spark Plugs
Mann Oil Filter
Rear Shock Mounts
Interior Door Panel Clips (Should have 30 left)
Depo Projector Headlights - CLIPS ARE BUSTED.

Parts which I may have: -- At my fathers house.
Front Rotors
Emergency Break Shoe
What kind of Rear Shock Mounts? I could use two of them... New I assume? How much?
How much for the door panel clips and headlights to 17257?
RSM's are Boge / Lemforder. Just name a reasonable price.

Again same thing with the head lights which were ordered from Umnitza a few years ago. Gorgeous headlights with a glass front, however during installation the clips did break.
Just name your price on the list, and make sure its fair. Really I just need to dump parts at this point. Again buyer assumes all responsibility for shipping. Nothing is packed up or ready for shipping.
50 shipped for the headlights and clips?

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I honestly have no idea what the RSM's are worth... any help on this?
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