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Hey Guys- New to the Forum... JUST put deposit on an '06 650CI

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I'm totally stoked. I test drove the 645CI today and loved it. AWESOME car. Can't wait for the even bigger engine. :thumbup:
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numsii said:
Excellent news, 645 is amazing, be sure to let us know how the 50 handles.

Congratulations... :thumbup:
Will do. The dealer said I'm first on the list apparently which is even better news. :) The sooner I can pick her up the better... I confirmed with the dealer that the comfort access option IS coming for 2006. I wonder whether the wheels will change. I may have to sell them if they are still the 19" teardrops... not so much a fan of those... the m3 competition rims are nice though. I may have to go for something similar like HRE's 840 series. Anyone know the largest size rim you can fit in the wheel well without rubbing? I think I've seen 21s...
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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