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Hey Guys

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Hey, I have a code coming up on my OBC that says "Catalyst".

It happens when I start the car and then it goes away, when I am driving sometime it will randomly come up when I let off the throttle.

The Car does Have Catalytic Converters, If I took them out and straight piped it but kept the muffler would that fix my problem?

The vehicle is a 1990 BMW 525i. For pictures look at my profile. It only has under 50,000KM, Maintenance has always been on time according to BMW and Motoralldata
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I have the same thing coming up on my 91 525i but only at start up an shut down.. I think it has to do with the o2 sensor but i havent had it confirmed. Otherwise my car idles an runs fine..
if you perform a stomp test (can you on your model cars?) will it show a o2 code?
I havent found a stomp test that works for my car.. It would be great as i am presently working on replacing the suspension, rotors, brakes, an would like to have any an all mechanical or electrical issues resolved. Presently searching forums an google .. See what i can find.. Thx
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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