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Hey everyone.joined this forum to better my knowledge on the wifes 97 318i.
I've always done all the work on my own cars(fords&chevys)
But when I got married I had something somewhat different
(and interesting)to do brakes and oil changes on. Well.. A few sensors and
And an ignition switch and cylinder later, this car keeps throwing new challenges at me.
The local and only dealer around won't help unless I pay alot for some vague advice
I had just got finished putting a new wiper motor on "superstar" as my wife calls her 318i
When I got a couple new obd2 codes:p1174&p1423,fuel trim malf.sys to lean(bank1)
And heated catalyst below threshold?? I was told different things on p1174. Like secondary blower failure and/or fuel regulator prob or injector failure??? Well? Which is it?? The secondary blower hasent been on lately, but it's in the mid 70's here.and I haven't tested the injectors, but I havent had any reason to. Car is running and idling fine.and I did take intake manifold off to replace camshaft pos sensor,but I torqued bolts to spec when I reassembled it.. As for the p1423?? I haven't a clue? The car was a little slow to start on one occasion last week,but it was an isolated incident.. Can any of you schooled bimmer Jedi masters share some knowledge and gimme some possible fixes??
Thank you!!!
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