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Hi again, welcome back to me, and an obscure parts question

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Man, I've been off the BMW boards for a while. How many of you guys even know who I am? :lmao:

I made a big decision last week: I'm keeping the Bavarian Princess forever. Bought out the lease; just signed the papers this morning. One day, I'll be the proud sole owner of a 15 or 20 year old bimmer, just like the wackos who write for Roundel. :p

Yeah, I always like a new car, but I like THIS car just as much as the day I took delivery (June 1, 2000, BTW). Trying to keep costs down as a result of a major home renovation, so I was faced with this choice: (1) $20,000 for a new car, or (2) $20,000 to keep the Princess?

I've babied the car, doubled the recommended oil changes, kept her washed and waxed and the inside in good shape. So that, my friends, is that.

Now for the hard question: I have a 2000 323i, standard CD stereo (not HK). There are two speakers in each front door. A large one down near your ankle, and a tiny one up near your knee. My problem is the tiny ones.

The tine ones have a black plastic trim ring around them. Both of those have shattered, leaving half a ring, and an exposed edge of leatherette where the ring is missing.

1. I can't find the part number for those trim rings.

2. Alternatively,anyone know ifan aftermarket aluminum replacement is available?
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If it's like the 2001's, you need to replace the entire speaker. Mine cracked in the first year and was replaced under warranty.
Hey Fuse. long time no see.

There are actually 3 speakers, the 3rd one being behind a little grille on the sail panel.

Anyhow, the broken piece is actually a single assembly consisting of that trim ring, the grille, and a part behind the door that the midrange mounts into. There is a separate part just for that assembly. I think I looked it up for someone here a long time ago (I think it was eugeneDC/TX).. They are color-keyed to the door panel color.
Try this

"Loudspeaker Threaded Ring"

65 13 8 360 690
Thanks guys! It's amazing the amount of BMW errata that can be found on this board. :thumbup:

I guess I better make sure I report this to the service department while she's still under warranty. Plenty of time, for sure.
Goddam, Nate! :tsk: :lmao:

Didn't you post an actualy parts manual page for a moment or two? Where did it go?

Yep, item #5: loudspeaker threaded ring.

You da man!
Does #5 look right?


Oops, I guess I'm remembering that diagram wrong. :D
Kaz said:
Oops, I guess I'm remembering that diagram wrong. :D
Hmmm, wonder why the replaced the entire speaker in mine. Maybe HK is different???

nate328Ci said:
Try this

"Loudspeaker Threaded Ring"

65 13 8 360 690
I dunno, 325xiT looks the same...
pps-325xit said:
Hmmm, wonder why the replaced the entire speaker in mine. Maybe HK is different???


the little one has to be replaced as a unit. i know cuz my little speaker ring cracked last year and i had to ahve it replaced too
You need PN# 65-13-8-368-237, black tweeter. Left and right side are the same.

The threaded ring is what holds the speaker in from behind the door panel.
I remember from doing my friends E36, that the speaker GRILL and the black plastic ring is integrated to the speaker. I THINK the others are correct that you will need to replace the speaker itself, not the ring behind it to hold it in.

The parts are not that expensive of course, the speaker was like $20 and the threaded ring behind it is like $5. Since the service department is taking care of it under warranty anyway, you can always check the invoice for the part number since it breaks on a regular basis.
I too have had those rings break away. The entire assembly (ring, speaker, and screen) had to be replaced. The ring is a seperate part, but for some reason you are unable to replace just that ring. I think it boiled down to around 25GBP per door to fix my car.
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