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Hi Guys, I am new to the BMW world, but not to the car hobby. I purchased my '97 328ci with 80K miles on it on August 16th, so have had it one month. It is in nice shape cosmetically, and was not driven hard, but was not well maintained. I have spent the last month changing fluids and converting the top to manual. The manual conversion is still in process.

The top mechanism was a wreck, most likely from failed micro switches. The front latch motor had twisted the right hand drive shaft into a useless pretzel. The boot cover motor had twisted its mount so the motor no longer lined up.

I love the car. I am looking forward to learning about each system, and meeting new friends. I prefer to do myself any repairs and maintenance I can, and farm out only those jobs that require special tools.

In addition to my BMW I have a '69 Dodge Dart that I restored. I did every aspect of that restoration myself except spray the final coat of paint. That included all body work, rebuilding the engine, which is far simpler than the BMW engines, and the manual transmission. I did pay a pro to reupholster the interior.

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