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Hi Gary! Guess what? Tire question . . .

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First I want to say thanks!! So many people ask you tire questions, and I know you've helped me a lot in the past, so thank you!! We all really appreciate it!!

so, question: Wife now has a 2011 (Jun 11 build) 535 xi GT with sport package. 19" tires I think. I still have the snow tires from our previous 7 ---

433MHz Tire Pressure Sensor IN STOCK 4 $41.00 $164.00

Item Description Availability Qty. Price Each Item Total

18X8 5-120 ET20 BMW ASA JH9 IN STOCK 4 $159.00 $636.00

245/50R18 Bridgestone Blizzak WS60

going through tirerack's website, the 18" size seems to be acceptable and the 18" rim options listed are the same 18x8 size. Question: Is there any way to check if my current winter rims/tires will fit the GT? And does the GT's Jul 11 build matter?

(I can PM you the order number if that would be helpful) I also have to check but I don't think the Blizzaks that I have (and really love) are runflats. I'm debating between keeping one summer tire in the trunk as a spare versus just buying runflat snow tires.

Thoughts?? Thanks so much!! Kash
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It looks like there may be an issue with brake clearance, but if you're able to shoot me an email with the part #s off of the back of the wheel (or your tire rack order #) I can try to look into it further. Alternately (or if I'm not able to find an answer) you could simply test fit one front wheel to make sure it clears the brakes. You may also need different TPMS sensors depending on what year the seven series was, so include that in the email as well.
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