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My baby (white 318is coupe E36 '92) has been off the road for 3 years :cry:

I'm now trying to get her back on the road so will likely need a lot of help and advice!

I believed the problem to be the immobiliser and couldn't afford for someone to take a look at it. I'd fitted new batteries to the fob but turns out they were rubbish, just fitted new batteries, jumped the battery from my current car and after (quite!) a few times turning her over she started!!:D

However, when I looked under the bonnet there was a fair bit of petrol spraying about the place, seems some hoses have perished.

Now got the battery on charge (being hopeful here!) and there seems to be a 'clicking' sound coming from the black relay in the fuse box - anyone any idea what this does?

There's bound to be other issues after this length of time left to rot, but if I can get her back running and legal again (reasonably cheaply) I'll be absolutely delighted!

I'm not the best at car mechanics (far from it actually) but I can't afford to gamble on a proper tech to sort her out so I'll be having a go myself with the Haynes manual and hope for a following wind and a lot of luck :)

Thanks for reading
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