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Hi, please excuse this post as my first post. I promise if you listen, I'll repay your kindness anyway I can.

I'm a tuner. Now I just do VWs exclusive. I'm not here to solicit business at this time, do not misunderstand this post. I want only you opinion, not your money. I am NOT offering BMW tuning .

I have a chance to buy the equipment to tune some BMWs, The number programs I have access to is limited :
Mini Cooper S
2001-2006 M3
2002-2003 318

What demand would it be in the Southeast? I plan to travel to car shows, Race events, Get togethers, etc. I will be able to flash the ECU.

In your honest opinion, is this a good idea.

Be honest and hurt my feelings if think it will not work.
Are there others all ready doing this?
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