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Hi,Newbie here any help?

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hello gents;
i am in the process of buying a 99 model 528,i owned for 6 years an e36 320,and now i am in the process to return as a bmw rider :thumbup: i just want to ask about the engine and transmission of the e39,this one has the twin vanos as all of you know,and the tiptronic transmission,is this engine block manufactered also from nikasil or is it different?and the transmission is it mostly problematic or reliable like the 96 e36 transmission?
thank you for your help.
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It's a totally new generation from the E36. The E34 and E36 were contemporaries, technologically.

The autobox is a bit of a toss-up; it could be good or not. The fluid is supposedly a lifetime fluid. As a result most are not in the best possible shape.

No nikasil.
That MY would have the M52 engine. In worldwide markets, BMW used Nikasil cylinder liners. In the USA, they used cast iron liners due to the high sulfur content of our gas. If your gas is low sulfur, you should have no problems. WRT the tranny, it depends on who you ask. While many trannys last forever, a percentage crap out prematurely. It has nothing to do with maintenance as none is required, per BMW. It just seems to be the luck of the draw. As Dirty Harry said, "Are you feeling lucky?"
So that MY has the nikasil or not?as for fuel in my side of the world,i am used in filling all the cars that i had with 98 octane fuel,here we have 95 and 98 octane,the 98 is (AKA super),dunno what the po was using before,and if the grades of fuel are similar in the US and worldwide,i test drove her today she drove smooth and engine is quite as a mouse from cold till hot,but something made me confused,the tstat was either stuck open or removed (i hope not evading or masking an overheating problems),so tomorrow he will fit a new tstat and we will see from there if i buy the car or has 126k (km) on the clock,gears shifts quickly and very responsive,here is the list of faults that i found:
1.PDC doesn't work it just beeps one time on reverse and then its mute.
2.all the plastic edges arround the windscreen and rear screen are disintegrated (are they replaceable without removing the glass?)
3.a small crack in the left rear light
4.A fading top line in the radio screen.
5.Brake pedal is very low fan not working
If yours is not a USA model, then it has the Nikasil liners. I believe the windshield plastic trim pieces are replaceable. Nothing you can do about the MID pixels. The AC fan may be due to an FSU failure. Check there first. Check your brake fluid levels
Windshield Moldings --- Sex Lube

They are replaceable without removing the glass. BMW OEM front one cost $36. It is a one hour job.

First Tip --Start at the center on the install. The answer is after you get them out clean the glass and the channel well with a u-shaped pick and paper towels soaked in alcohol.

The Second Tip -- is don't use soap and water to install. Use a good glycerin sex lube such as ASTROGLIDE not K-Y jelly, it is not viscous (slippery )enough. Any leftover you can use for " unnatural acts not to be mentioned among christians ( Massachusetts Law ).

Make sure the corners that are formed, are frimly in place. The molding snaps into place and works without any sealant. Nuf said !!
Actually, he said, "You gotta ask yourself this question: 'Do I feel lucky?' (insert litany on the .44 Mag) Well, do ya, punk?"
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