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Hi, X5, Gator Reversing System

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Hey All,

Glad I found this forum - has been pretty useful to me so far and I hope to be able to contribute soon.

Anyway my thing is I bought an X5 2004 3.0i (basic model) and want to fit a reversing camera for the missus.

I bought a Gator wired/ wireless sytem and wonder if anyone has installed one of these.
It uses a rear vision mirror with a small video screen in it that clips over the existing mirror.

My question is do these cars come with an option to be able plug (modified or not) something in the front, and then in the back (mirror / reversing camera), or do I have to have it as a wireless setup (not going to re-route a new set of wires throughout the car).

Hope I've asked and explained correctly.
Just don't want to break the "new" car ;-)