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Alright guys...I put HID fogs in my car a while back. I thought they were just low grade cheapies so when one failed I figured not a big deal. Tonight I attempted to replace the ballast. The old one came out no problem, but when testing the new one it is not seeming to make a connection? I have three different bulbs and three ballasts that I have tried. When I hook the factory h8 bulb up to the factory power run it lights up no problem. As soon as I hook in the aftermarket stuff I am not getting anything. They all seem to have the same cheapo connectors.

The kit I am now installing is the $40 kit from it possible the prongs inside the harness are too short? They look like they would really struggle to make contact. I am strongly considering snipping the cables and getting out the electric tape. I am not willing to cut my factory harness, as I knwo the power there is fine. What bugs me is the fact that I already had HID in there for several months with no this.

Yes I do have resistors in place for anti flicker/error codes and they work fine on the drivers side.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

02 540
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